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The 7 Best Indoor Team Building Activity: Fun and Interactive Ideas to Keep Your Employees Engaged [2023]

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Indoor Team Building

When it comes to team building activities, the sky’s the limit. You can take your employees on a retreat to the mountains, have them participate in a ropes course, or go for a fun day of paintballing. However, sometimes it’s not possible (or convenient) to do something like that. Maybe you’re short on time or money, or maybe your employees are spread out all over the country.

In cases like this, an indoor team building activity is perfect! In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best indoor team building activities out there. We will also provide tips on how to choose the right activity for your employees and get the most out of the experience.

1. Escape Room

If you have a team that loves to solve mysteries and puzzles, then an escape room is the perfect indoor team building activity for all of you.

Great teamwork abilities and leadership skills are needed in this type of activity, plus the factor of time in their hands, together with the excitement to know the answers within different stages there are in. With an escape room for your indoor team building you will discover a lot of things about your coworkers, facts that you haven’t known before.

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2. 3 Truths and 1 Lie

Each participant has the opportunity to introduce themselves to the group as part of this enjoyable team-building activity. Everyone will be given access to four personal statements, three of which are true and one is fake. The truths might be as entertaining and imaginative or as straightforward as you like.

This is a fantastic team-building exercise to get everyone to know one another. It also makes it easier for the group’s more reserved members to speak up and make friends with other people. Additionally, based on the lies they believed to be real, it enables the participants to understand a little bit about themselves and others.

3. Big Foot

This game requires everyone to stand up in a single file line, which makes it challenging but exciting. The players are then each given a blindfold so they cannot see. Then they are told to arrange themselves in a line, smallest foot to largest foot. Warning: They are not allowed to inquire about or state the shoe size of anyone.

This is a fantastic team-building exercise that requires effective communication without the use of sight or the verbalization of the most fundamental and obvious of details: shoe size.

In terms of the level of risk associated with indoor team building activities, Big Foot presents some chance of harm. Consider having all players wear socks to reduce shin kicks.

4. Zombie Escape

Everyone will be “trapped” in a room with a “zombie” in this exciting indoor team-building activity. One person will be the zombie, complete with outstretched arms and zombie noises, and they will be tied to a rope in the corner. The zombie will be allowed an additional foot of room on the rope every five minutes until it is close enough to “eat” the other players.

The team will have to solve a series of puzzles, riddles, or clues before the zombie gets that far, though, in order to retrieve the key and make it out of the room unharmed. A great twist to the classic escape room.

5. DIY Board Game

To complete this creative task, you will all collaborate to design a board game based on the operations of your company or event. Use inexpensive, basic materials like poster boards and markers. Have everyone collaborate while utilizing their creativity to develop an interesting and engaging game.

There can be business-related questions in the game that need to be addressed at specific game locations. Include rules that outline how to gain or lose points or advance or regress. Rolling some dice might help you progress. With this indoor team development activity, the possibilities are literally endless.

6. Plane Crash

You will pretend in this team-building exercise that your group was in a plane disaster and is now stranded on a remote island. You may do this as a single big group or you can split up into smaller groups. The party must then rank in order of significance 12 items that they believe will be most helpful for their survival on their desert island. These items can be located inside the structure.

7. Someone You Admire

The rules of this indoor team-building activity are as simple as the game’s name. Each person will speak about someone they admire in turn. It could be a person from the present or from the past. You might even make it a member of the group to add some spice. The reasons why each individual admires the other must also be discussed. What qualities, characteristics, and/or accomplishments make that individual deserving of adoration should be specifically covered.

Everyone benefits greatly from this activity since it gives them a greater understanding of one another’s ideals and key characteristics. Realizing they have the same respect for and admiration for other people can also help bring people closer together.

Indoor Team Building

There you have it! By now, you should have a good understanding of what makes for a great indoor team building activity. Keep in mind that the best activities are those that are fun and interactive, with a focus on team-building and collaboration. And, of course, don’t forget to reward your employees for their hard work with some good old-fashioned fun.

Thanks for reading!

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