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30 Best Virtual Team Building Activities In Singapore [2023]

Virtual Team Building Activities Singapore

Best Virtual Team Building Activities Singapore

When your team is scattered across different time zones, it can be difficult to build strong relationships with one another.

That’s where Virtual Team Building in Singapore comes in! Virtual Team Building Singapore is the online version of Team Building in Singapore, and is a great way to help your team connect and bond with each other, even when they’re miles apart.

In this article, we will discuss the best virtual team building activities in Singapore that you can use to keep your team connected and productive!

Key Consideration Factors

Before getting into the best virtual team building activities Singapore, here are some consideration factors to remember:

  • Type of Virtual Activity: Depending on the size of your team, you can choose from a host of virtual team bonding activities in Singapore such as Zoom breakout rooms, online scavenger hunts, virtual escape rooms, virtual creative workshops in Singapore and more.
  • Remoteness: Ensure that all members participating in the activity are comfortable with the remoteness of it. Some may be more tech-savvy than others, so make sure they are able to access the activity with ease.
  • Team Size: Virtual activities can be tailored to any team size, from small teams of 5 people to larger ones of 30 or more.

5 Benefits of a Virtual Team Building Event

  • Remote team building activities maintain morale and connection among team member

Virtual team building can be an invaluable tool for maintaining team morale and connection during times of remote work. Such team activities in Singapore range from online movie nights to more structured competitions like scavenger hunts, contests and games.

  • Virtuals teams improve team dynamics

By offering creative means for teammates to interact with one another in an entertaining environment, virtual team building can have multiple benefits in improving team dynamics and team performance.

  • Online team building create camaraderie for the entire team

They can create a sense of camaraderie and foster communication, leading to improved collaboration on projects.

  • Virtual team building events provide space for brainstorming

They can also provide the space for brainstorming new ideas and problem solving skills, as well as reflection on current workflows.

  • Virtual team building activity is essential for successful projects

Communication from a successteam is essential for successful projects, and creative virtual team building activities are a simple and effective way to encourage these conversations in a unique and engaging format.

3 Important Tips For Planning Virtual Team Building Activities Singapore

Planning creative virtual team building events is an important way to keep teams connected in the current remote work environment.

  • It is important to consider the personalities of your team members

When considering what types of activities to engage your team in, it’s important to think about their different personalities, talents, and technical abilities.

  • Think of different virtual team building challenges

Think about the various ways you can foster connection and collaboration when you do event planning so that everyone can participate.

  • Consider the size of your remote team

Depending on the size and nature of your team, consider hosting a virtual talent show, organizing an online group class or webinar on a shared topic of interest, or setting up friendly competitions featuring tasks that everyone can participate in.

With a bit of creativity and planning, you can connect with your team over distance whilst still having fun.

Best Virtual Team Building Activities Singapore

Virtual Games

1. Virtual Escape Room

Where To

Unlock the doors of fun and adventure with this revolutionary Virtual Escape Room Singapore experience stuffed with interactive puzzles, drag-and-drop challenges, slider obstacles, and much more!

Our renowned Escape Room experience is now available online! With an engrossing storyline and tricky puzzles, our virtual escape room provides a fully immersive environment that will draw players in and captivate them. Whether you’re at home or on the go, this is an adventure they won’t want to miss.

This virtual escape room creates productive remote teams that have fun with each other and foster communication as well.

2. Virtual Amazing Race

Where To

Our specially designed Virtual Amazing Race is full of creative mechanics and clues that will keep you on your toes. Countless delightful surprises await as you progress through every challenge! A challenging way to stimulate your brain cells in this virtual team-building session.

Get ready for an unforgettable experience with The Fun Empire’s one-of-a-kind Virtual Amazing Race! Crafted by our in-house game experts, this innovative activity is designed to bring teams of all sizes together and foster better communication—all while having a blast.

Highly stimulating and challenging, the race can be done virtually anywhere in the world and accommodates unlimited players. It’s perfect for friends, family or co-workers looking to have a great time from any corner of the globe, perfect for the remote teams!

3. Virtual Food Quest

Where To

Embark on an incredible culinary escapade and sample the tastiest delights from around the globe! Discover fascinating cultures through interactive activities designed to provide a fun, immersive learning experience.

From global cuisines to mini-games that bring each dish to life – there’s something for everyone in this unforgettable journey of flavors and cultures!

This is the best virtual team building activity for a foodie remote team!

4. Virtual Time Travel

Where To

Participate in a unique & exciting storyline that brings you through different eras and time zones.

This online team building seesion will help you solve puzzles and take on challenges in a different setting and era! Experience a captivating journey of discovery with interactive clues, slider puzzles, unearthing elements and compounds – all in one immersive adventure!

5. Virtual Travel Experience

Where To

Our carefully crafted Virtual Travel Experience is filled with creative mechanics and clues that have been intricately intertwined. Along the way, you will be delighted by a number of unexpected surprises as you progress through each stage.

Virtual team building games like this one offer other team member of the remote team a chance to interact with one another via virtual team building tools and use them to foster communication and relationships.

6. Virtual Game Show

Where To

Enjoy the thrill of conquering puzzles from your abode! All you need for a riveting Virtual Game Show is a desktop or laptop computer with access to Wi-Fi.

Our Virtual Game Show is the perfect way to bring a fun and unique virtual team bonding activities to your remote teams, colleagues, and beyond! Step into your own private arena for an immersive game show adventure like no other.

Have fun with other team members and in this unique online team games.

7. Virtual Squid Escape

Where To

Dare to take on the exhilarating challenge of FunEmpire’s Virtual Squid Escape Experience! Step into an immersive and captivating game environment as you grapple with puzzles and strive for a successful escape. Our virtual reality has been crafted by specialists in gaming, so brace yourself for this unique adventure – do you have what it takes to make it out alive?

8. Hybrid Amazing Race

Where To

Experience Singapore’s cultural heritage and discover the iconic landmarks, cuisine, and more! Our hybrid amazing race offers a great opportunity for larger teams to bond while still maintaining social distancing guidelines. Get ready for an extraordinary adventure that will spark your imagination through exploration, fun and unique moments!

Virtual Workshop

9. Virtual Leather Workshop

Where To

Take your creativity to the next level with our Virtual Leather Making Workshop! Make a coin pouch or key chain from scratch – all while nestled in the security of your own home. Get hands-on and indulge in this unique learning experience today!

Prior to your private virtual event, we will provide you with a customized Leather Crafting kit right at your doorstep! Throughout the entire leather making session, our experienced facilitator is here to guide and help you.

Through this journey, you will also learn everything there is to know about the various types of leather and how to properly maintain your precious leather items.

Virtual team building games like this helps the creativity of your team members, even your remote team! Let the unleash their creativity and craftsmanship, perfect virtual team events for the entire team!

10. Virtual Clay Workshop

Where To

Unleash your creative juices and craft any clay figures you can envision! Our Virtual Clay Making workshop is a fantastic way to destress and promote virtual team bonding activities among your groups. Unleash the inner artist in everyone, join us now!

Let your creativity come alive and craft a design of your own – whether it be cartoon characters, adorable animals, marble-patterned accessories or food charms. The opportunities are infinite!

11) Virtual Art Jamming

Where To

Unleash your creativity and explore the world of art with us in our Virtual Art Jamming Workshops! No prior qualifications or experience are required; simply bring along a spirit of curiosity, playfulness, and imagination to have a delightful time.

Hop into a creative virtual team building ideas for your remote team members! Unleash the creativity of one another plus have fun while experimenting with different colors and canvas at the same time!

12) Virtual Terrarium Making

Where To

Create a unique and beautiful terrarium, from the comfort of your home, with your friends, family, or colleagues for an enjoyable activity that everyone can participate in! These enchanting glass globes house plants to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

Your exclusive Terrarium kit will be delivered right to your door in anticipation of one of the best team building workshops. Our esteemed trainers, certified professionals in terrarium creation, will walk you through both theory and practical application during your Virtual Terrarium Workshop.

You’ll gain a complete understanding of how to construct and tend for a mini garden, together with the team members of your virtual team!

13) Virtual Canvas Art Jamming

Where To

Set your creativity free with FunEmpire! Connect with friends, family and colleagues in a Virtual Art Jamming session that offers all you need for an enjoyable painting experience. No prior artistic background needed – just the desire to relax and express yourself through art!

14) Virtual Tote Bag Art Jamming

Where To

Ready for a one-of-a-kind Virtual Art Jamming experience? Join FunEmpire and craft your very own tote bag that you can either keep or gift away! Enjoy the relaxation of unleashing your artistic creativity without having any painting prerequisites. From canvas, brushes, paints to all other related materials – our Virtual Art Jamming has everything in store for an amazing stress free session!

15) Virtual Non-Stitched Leather Workshop

Where To

Unlock your creative potential and become an expert leather artisan right in the comfort of your home with our Virtual Leather Making workshop! Our professional live facilitation will ensure that you understand all the basics of crafting, so you can make a variety of custom leather products. Whether you are a beginner or want to refine existing skills, this class is perfect for everyone eager to delve into the unique world of leather craftsmanship!

16) Virtual Soy Candle Making Workshop

Where To

FunEmpire’s Virtual Candle Making Workshop is your perfect opportunity to learn the craft of candle making from the comfort and safety of your home. Our experienced trainers will provide full instruction, while all materials are included in a convenient kit that we’ll drop off at your doorstep before you begin! If you’re part of an ever-growing remote team or working remotely yourself, this workshop allows for connection with colleagues without leaving home. Don’t miss out on this amazing learning experience – join us now!

17) Virtual Balloon Sculpting Workshop

Where To

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Balloon Sculpting with our Virtual Workshop! Gather your friends and family to join in on the creative fun, where you can learn unique techniques to craft a plethora of balloon designs. From pirates swords, butterflies, rainbows and flowers – ignite your imagination as you create masterpieces right from home!

Other Virtual Team Building Activities

18) Virtual Bingo

Unleash your team’s competitive spirit by playing a round of virtual bingo! The rules are simple: the first person to check off an entire row or column is the winner. Plus, you get to decide what categories they’ll be attempting – so let their imaginations run wild and have some fun with it!

19) Virtual Happy Hour

If you’re thinking of hosting a virtual happy hour, why not plan something special? For example, use the next team building event to celebrate someone’s birthday. It will be an excellent opportunity for everyone to share stories with the guest of honor while they savor some delightful finger food and drinks. The occasion should leave them feeling extra special as they enter into another year!

20) Virtual Movie Night

Virtual team building doesn’t have to be stressful! Why not try a movie night? Ask your teammates for their favorite film recommendations, pop some popcorn in the microwave and watch together while discussing it. To add an extra layer of fun, why not come up with special rules like taking a shot every jump scare – get creative! Team-building activities don’t always need to complex; let loose and enjoy yourselves as you strengthen bonds between one another.

21) Virtual Workout Sessions

Make your remote teams more vibrant and enthusiastic by organizing virtual workouts! Inspire others to reach their fitness goals while having fun. Set aside a specific time for the team to complete different virtual team building exercises such as stretching, jogging in place, or Pilates together – all easily found on YouTube’s expansive selection of workout routines. Your group will be energized with these productive sessions!

22) Online Personality Assessment

Discover the perfect fit for your team by taking a Myers-Briggs test together! Allow each of your teammates to take and record their results. This diagnostic will determine whether they’re an introvert or extrovert, spontaneous versus organised – all important facts about how well someone functions with the rest of their squad in any situation. These answers are invaluable information that can be used to find out if people work best on pressure-filled projects or prefer more relaxed undertakings.

23) Virtual Lunch Meetings

Why not gather your distributed team for a virtual lunch team meeting? It’s an easy, stress-free way to connect with one another. Schedule this gathering as regularly as you’d like – every Friday or whatever frequency suits your workforce best. You can chat and catch up while enjoying delicious meals in the comfort of everyone’s own homes! Even though you may be thousands of miles away from each other physically, there are still ways to break bread together virtually.

24) Coffee Breaks and Happy Hours 

Missing the social environment of your office? Get creative and establish a virtual coffee break or happy hour with your team. With tools like Zoom, Skype, or Google Hangouts, you can keep up those after-work activities from anywhere in the world! Nothing beats sipping on a cup of joe with friends (even if it’s online) to wind down for the day and connect with colleagues personally.

25) Recipe Swap 

Why not make your weekly meal plan a team-building activity? Ask everyone on the team to submit their favourite recipe, no matter what time of day it is. It can be breakfast, lunch or dinner – you decide! Once all the recipes have been collected, challenge each other to try out one per week. You could select one for everyone to cook together, or let every person attempt something different. Culinary adventures await!

26) Guess Whose Workspace 

Make the most of this strange situation and use it to your advantage by getting to learn more about your coworkers. Ask each one of them for a picture that describes their personality or shows something from their workspace. After gathering all the photos, host an online meeting; share your screen and have everyone take turns guessing who owns which item—this creative exercise not only encourages forming stronger connections between team members but also brings some much-needed lightness into work in these times.

27) Virtual Icebreaker Games

Missing the presence of people you care about? Get to know them even better or make new friends with virtual icebreaker games! This is a fantastic option for onboarding new team members, plus it’s a great way to reconnect and build relationships with your existing colleagues after spending so much time apart.

The term “icebreakers” may conjure up images of awkward pick-up lines at dating events or cheesy “get to know your coworkers” activities. We understand the hesitation, but we are here to tell you that icebreakers don’t have to be so cringeworthy!

28) Virtual Coworking

If the success of your team typically depended on in-person collaboration and camaraderie, this transition to remote work can be daunting. Though you may not be able to support them physically, there is an online substitute at hand – virtual coworking! By leaving a video conference channel open all day long for employees to join when they feel motivated or need extra help with their tasks, you can ensure that everyone stays connected despite the distance.

29) Virtual Dance Party

Spice up your next team meeting with a Virtual Dance Party! This easy and fast virtual team building activity is sure to keep energy high, break the ice between co-workers, and add some fun into your calls. All you need to do is turn on a song – no fancy moves necessary – and just move with the rhythm of it! See how quickly dancing can help encourage collaboration among teammates while still having an enjoyable time.

30) Virtual Pub Trivia

Even if your team is unable to gather at a pub, they can still enjoy the thrill of trivia and other virtual happy hour games. Begin with an invitation for everyone to connect over their favorite beverage – whether that be tea, beer or wine! Afterwards, form smaller teams and let the host read out questions. The objective? Work together as a team answer correctly in order to accumulate points – you could even customize the virtual team building workshops by picking themed topics such as Netflix shows, musical clues and science facts!

Virtual Team Building Activities Singapore

The importance of staying connected with a team can never be understated and virtual team building Singapore activities are a great way to do just that in these challenging times.

With the 30 creative virtual team building activities mentioned here, you have some unique and exciting options to keep your team engaged.

Team building is about breaking barriers, fostering real connections and strengthening relationships, all of which is still possible – even virtually!

It takes effort to plan activities but the fun potential when exploring new ideas will make it more than worth it in the end.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about virtual team building activities in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the best virtual team building activities Singapore below:

Are there any free virtual team building activities available?

Yes! There are many virtual team building available for free, such as virtual icebreaker games, virtual dance parties and online team building session through trivia quizzes.

How do I plan a successful and engaging virtual team activity?

Planning a successful and engaging virtual team activity requires effort, creativity and organization. You should consider the team’s interests, preferences and working style when deciding on an activity. Additionally, you should ensure that there are clear goals for each activity so that everyone can understand what they’re aiming to achieve. Finally, make sure that the activities are accessible, fun, and challenging at the same time.

How often should we conduct virtual team building activities?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as it depends on the team size, dynamics and goals. However, virtual team building should be conducted regularly – at least once a month – in order to boost morale and foster ongoing relationships.

Is it necessary to have an icebreaker before starting a virtual team activity?

Yes, it is always a good idea to start off with an icebreaker. Icebreakers can help create an atmosphere of trust and open communication between team members, as well as break the tension that comes with virtual meetings. They also provide a great way for everyone to get to know each other better and build relationships in a fun environment.

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