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23 Virtual Team Building Activities For Remote Teams in [2023]

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Virtual Team Building Activities
Virtual Team Building Activities

Virtual Team Building Activities

Due to the current pandemic situation around the world, many companies have embraced remote working as the new normal, thus making their employees remote team members.

Though remote teams bring about greater flexibility for employees, this may result in them being less close to their co-workers due to the lack of face-to-face interaction, and not knowing the company culture.

This is where virtual team-building games or virtual team-building activities come into place! Organizing a virtual team building event is hard, but with our virtual team building tools, together, let’s overcome this virtual team building challenges!

Virtual Team Building Singapore activities are a great way for companies to have an online team-building session and a virtual team-building event.

Anyone can join these virtual team-building activities, no matter where they are located – which makes them ideal for bringing remote teams together!

Here’s a list of virtual team building ideas that are catered for remote teams:

1. Virtual Art Jamming (Canvas)

The Fun Empire has come up with a series of Virtual team building activities for remote teams to have online team-building experience. One of their activities would be the virtual Art Jamming on canvas.

It is important to have fun virtual team activities every now and then to increase team morale and improve communication skills! By using only free web conferencing tools, this can help in having strong remote teams.

Items for the virtual workshop will be delivered directly to the individual households of the participants on the actual day of the virtual session.

On the day of the session, the idea is to get everyone to work together to eventually combine each of their canvases to make a collage of paintings. Hence, they would need to work as a team and appoint someone as the “main leader”.

This person will then have to allocate the respective parts of the main painting that everyone is to do. But I promise it is not as complicated as it sounds. 

2. Virtual Terrarium Making Workshop

Image from The Fun Empire

Another virtual workshop that The Fun Empire has is the Virtual Terrarium Making. These virtual team building activities allows participants to gather together and build their own terrarium over a virtual call.

This brings people together which is evidently one of the most important things at the moment, especially when your objective is to have more productive remote teams.

Team engagement is high during this virtual team building event because it helps remote employees to be at ease with each other, which can result into build strong remote teams.

As we don’t get to meet our friends, remote teams, or even colleagues as often as we previously did, having a session like this would be very fruitful. Building the Terrarium would be a great online team building as well as participants would be able to bring their masterpieces back to the office once the Circuit Breaker is lifted.

3. Virtual Party Mania

Image from The Fun Empire

The Fun Empire has combined a couple of party games together to have the Virtual Party Mania! The virtual party mania is to get teams together to have a virtual team-building experience, its like having online office games.

Currently, there are not many virtual team building activities for remote teams to have online team building sessions together, but luckily, you have Fun Empire which can help you with planning online team-building games.

Thus, participating in this Virtual Party Mania would be quite a new and fun experience. During this activity, participants are to battle it out in games like “Guess The Song”, “ Scavenger Hunt” and a secret game that is packed with lots of fun! You can even organize a session together over the weekends!

4. Virtual Nightfall

Put on your thinking caps (or up your senses) when play virtual team building activities like the Virtual Nightfall! Work as a team and find out which ones in the team are the killers day by day. Enhance the problem solving skills of the entire remote team by having this team building games.

There will be participants with hidden abilities, do keep an eye out for them as they are the ones you would need to protect. Remote teams that are thinking of participating in this online team building activity will definitely walk out with lots of fun memories together.

At the end of this online team-building game, a game master announces who have won!

5. Virtual Leather Making

Image from The Fun Empire

Leather Crafting is another activity to look out for in this virtual team building activities list. Developed by The Fun Empire, this leather crafting workshop will surely make you learn a new skill. This virtual event can help you and other team members to exercise your creativity and transform virtual meetings fun!

The DIY Kits would be sent to the individual households before the live session. Through this online team building session, participants would get to make 2 leather products at the end of it. This would be a great activity for remote teams working from home. 

Amazing right? By only using virtual conference call, you can arrange fun virtual games!

6. Virtual Escape Room

Image from The Fun Empire

Have you ever tried solving an escape room virtually? The Fun Empire has come up with this activity so put this on your virtual team-building activities list right now! This is a perfect virtual team building ideas for this requires the participation of the entire remote team.

Designed for remote teams that are looking to have some online team building activities. Various themes are available for you to pick from! Time is ticking so work closely with the group to solve these puzzles and escape!

Who says virtual team games aren’t fun? You should see this Escape Room and start playing online games with your virtual teams.

7. Virtual Art Jamming (Tote Bag)

Image from The Fun Empire

The other type of the Virtual Art Jamming virtual team building session that The Fun Empire has is the Tote Bag!

Get together with the team via video conferencing platforms and discuss on what you plan to paint on your own tote bag! Share your ideas with one another and showcase your hidden talents at the end of it!

Have a great time together! 

8. Virtual Amazing Race

Are you excited about Singapore’s first and only virtual amazing race experience?

If yes, you should definitely put this virtual amazing race in your list of virtual team-building activities. Your virtual team will be immersed in a tour around the world, solving puzzles and overcoming the challenges faced.

9. Virtual Game Show

The Virtual Game Show is one of the most entertaining virtual team building activities, especially for fans of game shows.

In the Virtual Game Show, different remote teams will compete with one another through a series of challenges such as guessing the letters that they need to form the right word, a challenging virtual team bonding, right?

The ultimate goal of each team is to grab the highest amount of monetary rewards in the exciting competition, gather your general knowledge for this virtual trivia team meeting.

10. Hybrid Amazing Race

The Hybrid Amazing Race is the first Hybrid Amazing Race experience in Singapore! Consisting of a combination of both physical challenges and online quizzes, participants can learn more about Singapore’s heritage and cuisines while visiting iconic Singapore landmarks.

The entire team will work together to solve this virtual team trivia obstacles, perfect way to make each team member closer in the remote team!

Get ready to embark on this fun and exciting adventure with your friends or colleagues! This is one of the most interesting virtual team building activities in Singapore.

11. Virtual Food Quest

Embark on a epic food adventure with your team members!

As one of the most relaxing virtual team-building activities, you and your friends will go through a series of mini-games and explore the cuisines from different countries along the way.

In order to become the top foodie, teamwork and communication are important in this game. This is the perfect virtual team building for virtual holiday parties because of its unique theme!

12. Virtual Time Travel

Are you a fiction fan? If yes, you will not want to miss out on this virtual team-building game of Time Travel.

The Virtual Time Travel is one of the most challenging virtual team-building activities in Singapore. You and your team will travel to different eras to solve mysteries and puzzles so as to save the world!

Not to worry, there will be professional facilitators along the way to guide you through this remote team-building activities.

Are you willing to go through this virtual team building challenges?

13. Virtual Travel Experience

The Virtual Travel Experience is probably one of the virtual team-building activities with the most local (Singapore) vibes.

You and your team members will travel around Singapore virtually in the comfort of your own home. Along the way, you will visit many iconic buildings in Singapore while solving puzzles along the way.

If you have never been to Singapore before, this is a good opportunity for you to learn about the history and culture of Singapore!

14. Virtual Clay Workshop

You can let your imagination and your remote workers, run wild in the Virtual Clay Workshop.

As one of the most unique virtual team-building activities in Singapore, you will get the hands-on experience of crafting your own clay figurine. This is a very suitable activity to spend quality time with your family, friends and even colleagues.

This shows how virtual team building important for a successful virtual team building exercises.

A clay kit will be delivered to you before the workshop and the trained instructors will ensure that your experience is a meaningful one.

15. Virtual SaberFit Challenge

Are you looking for exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle while working from home?

As a great virtual team-building activity, SaberFit is one of our virtual team-building exercise that includes the elements of combat sabers, saber striking skills, and robust exercises.

SaberFit also trains different parts of your body and burns up to 600 calories in a 45 minutes session.

What are you waiting for? Book a virtual SaberFit session to stay fit with your friends and motivate each other, and successfully have your team building virtually!

16. Virtual Campfire

Go around your house to find the following items: a candle, some chocolate, and/or marshmallows.

Arrange a virtual call with your participants or members within your remote teams and start your own campfire. This virtual team-building activities is a great and out-of-the-box activity.

You can either sing to campfire songs or just chat over the mini campfire you’ve created, inside your own bubble of virtual conference.

17. Virtual Coffee + Tea Tasting Class

Always wanted to be able to appreciate coffee or tea more? Or have you always wondered about the anatomy of coffee/tea?

This is the best period to do so! Sign up for the virtual team building virtual coffee and tea tasting class. Have a better understanding of what goes into your cup of coffee in the morning and learn to appreciate them more.

This would be a great online team building activity if you get together with a group of colleagues to attend this workshop together!

What’s nicer than having virtual coffee breaks together, right?

18. Virtual Workout

Trying to keep fit while working from home? There are lots of workout sessions available online for free. Take this opportunity to turn it into virtual team building activities by gathering your friends together to sweat it out during this period.

Working in remote teams can be challenging but having a workout together with a common goal in mind is really beneficial. 

19. Typing Speed Race

Have you ever noticed that there is always someone in the office who seems to be typing insanely fast and loud?

Gather these people and take this as a great opportunity to turn their skills into a team-building game. This is especially fitting during a period where everyone is working in remote teams.

Gather a bunch of your colleagues and split them up into groups. Head over to to compete within the team to see which team comes up victorious.

This virtual team building activities would be a great way to get your virtual teams together and have a good laugh as well!

20. Virtual Karaoke

Singing is a great way to bond people together. Hence, virtual Karaoke would be a fantastic idea in your list of virtual team building activities.

Virtual call each other, sing your lungs out and enjoy your time even though you have to work within remote teams.

21. Virtual Dance Party

Well, if singing is not your thing, then why not try out a virtual dance party as one of your virtual team building activities!

Shake off those stiff muscles from sitting at home all day. Let loose and just enjoy yourself with your friends! This would be one of the great online team building activities as well if you were to try.

Have a go at it with your colleagues and maybe create your own TikTok video.

22. Virtual Book Club

Cuddle up in your blanket to read up a book for your Virtual Book Club. This would be one of the great virtual team building activities for teams who are working in remote teams.

Come together and share your thoughts on the book that was selected for the week. And if you don’t like the ending, think of a fan-made ending together to have that fantasy ending you would rather have!

23. Virtual Encouragement Wall

Come together over a video call and create a note of encouragement to your remote team.

As one of the most interactive activities in this list of virtual team building activities, plan a call together and do this now. Lift each other’s spirits and let them know that all of you will get through this period.

Encourage and bring a smile to each other, play fun games while building team morale and your communication skills together! It’s a win-win, right?

Virtual Team Building Activities

Occupy your time with these virtual team-building activities to stay connected and feel less lonely. Get together with your remote teams and have some online team building to lift up your mood! 

If you are looking to plan a Virtual Team Building Singapore session for you, your friends, colleagues, or family members, find out more here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are virtual team building ideas?

Some virtual team building ideas include singing karaoke, having a dance party, or reading a book together. These activities help to build team morale and communication skills.

How do you do team building virtually?

There are many virtual team building activities that can help to build morale and communication skills. Activities such as singing karaoke, having a dance party, or reading a book together can help to bring people together and encourage teamwork.

How do you make virtual staff meetings fun?

There are many ways to make virtual staff meetings fun. Some activities that can help to break the ice and encourage communication include singing karaoke, having a dance party, or reading a book together. These activities help to build team morale and communication skills.

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