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12 Best Acting Classes in Singapore [2024]

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Acting Classes Singapore

Best Acting Classes Singapore
Best Acting Classes Singapore

If you are in Singapore and have a yen to taste the essence of the stage, you might be interested to know that the local acting scene is bursting with hidden talents.

The city-state has abounded with dynamic acting classes, which are the ideal avenue to test the thespian waters regardless of your gender, age, race or background.

These workshops in Singapore are great if you are looking to work on boosting self-confidence, improve presentation skills/public speaking skills or wanting to pick up an artistic hobby.

In this feature, we give you a guided tour of some of the best acting classes in town – and show you why they are one of the hottest locations in town for the city’s many expats and locals.

Best Acting Classes Singapore

1. The Improv Company

(Credit: The Improv Company)
(Credit: The Improv Company)

If you’re eager for a little playful banter, watch out for The Improv Company. They’re the home of improvisational humour, so if you enjoy fast-paced tasks, this is the place for you.

The courses at The Improv Company are brilliant if you want to strengthen your teamwork or creative attributes, because you’ll learn to think instantly on your feet. You’ll throw scenes with whoever happens to be around, get critical and humorous.

2. Wild Rice Singapore

(Credit: Wild Rice Singapore)
(Credit: Wild Rice Singapore)

Wild Rice Singapore focuses on nurturing young talent. Their courses are crafted to develop character and acting skills, making them a great choice for budding actors. Their workshops cover various aspects of acting, ensuring a holistic learning experience.

3. Grace’s Speech and Drama Studio

(Credit: Grace’s Speech and Drama Studio)
(Credit: Grace’s Speech and Drama Studio)

Grace’s Speech and Drama Studio provides speech, drama and communication classes for all ages. The personal attention offers individual practice in a friendly environment and encourages slow, steady progress. It is a great place for individual development.

4. Sing’Theatre

(Credit: Sing’Theatre)
(Credit: Sing’Theatre)

Focusing on the musical theatre genre, Sing’Theatre brings together singing, acting and dancing on the one training platform. Those aspiring to Broadway, or simply those wishing to have fun, both alike can find all they need.

5. Centre Stage School of the Arts

(Credit: Centre Stage School of the Arts)
(Credit: Centre Stage School of the Arts)

Centre Stage offers classes in all three fields: drama, dance and music. The training is intense, and the instructors are professionals. It is a great place if you want to really learn to perform.

6. Haque Centre of Acting & Creativity

(Credit: Haque Centre of Acting & Creativity)
(Credit: Haque Centre of Acting & Creativity)

For those interested in the deep emotional work of method acting, Haque Centre of Acting & Creativity is the perfect fit. Their classes delve into emotional connection and character analysis, providing an in-depth acting experience.

7. Nanyang Academy Of Fine Arts

(Credit: Nanyang Academy Of Fine Arts)
(Credit: Nanyang Academy Of Fine Arts)

NAFA’s Junior Drama program provides young students with a solid foundation in acting. It’s a great way to start a journey in the performing arts.

8. MADDspace

(Credit: MADDspace)
(Credit: MADDspace)

With music, art, dance and drama, MADDspace is anchored in a multi-disciplinary approach that has a creative melting pot effect. It encourages creativity and cross-pollination between our forms of expression. It’s a place of artistic creativity where students thrive.

9. Helen O’Grady Drama Academy

(Credit: Helen O'Grady Drama Academy)
(Credit: Helen O’Grady Drama Academy)

Helen O’Grady offers a broad range of acting classes for all ages. Their well-structured programs are designed to develop skills progressively.

10. ACT 3 International

(Credit: ACT 3 International)
(Credit: ACT 3 International)

Specializing in children’s drama education, ACT 3 International emphasizes creative expression and storytelling. It’s an ideal place for young minds to explore their imagination and develop their dramatic skills.

11. Pink Gajah

(Credit: Pink Gajah)
(Credit: Pink Gajah)

Pink Gajah combines physical theater with social change, offering a unique approach to performance. Their classes blend theatrical instruction with social awareness, making for a compelling and meaningful experience.

12. Lucy Sparkles

(Credit: Lucy Sparkles)
(Credit: Lucy Sparkles)

Lucy Sparkles captivates kids with engaging drama classes set in a magical place called Storyland. These imaginative sessions are perfect for young children.

Benefits of Acting Classes

Taking acting classes comes with a treasure trove of benefits:

  • Confidence and Public Speaking: Gain poise and eloquence.
  • Emotional Expression: Learn to channel your feelings effectively.
  • Creativity: Enhance your imaginative capabilities.
  • Character Development: Delve into different personas.
  • Performance Opportunities: Experience the thrill of the stage.

Tips for Choosing the Right Acting Class

Selecting the best acting class can be a game-changer. Here are some tips:

  • Consider Age and Skill Level: Choose classes suitable for your experience.
  • Practical Exercises: Look for hands-on training.
  • Instructor Experience: Ensure the teachers have a strong background.
  • Class Size: Smaller classes often provide more personalized attention.
  • Convenience: Pick a location that fits your schedule.

Acting Classes Singapore

So, if you want to novel, be accomplished, make new friends, and enjoy your free time, do not skip the above classes in Singapore that are suitable for novice and advanced actors. We are here to help you. Be no more a hassle and select the appropriate class to start or continue your acting career. Happy acting!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about acting classes in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the best Acting Classes in Singapore below:

What age groups are suitable for acting classes?

Classes are available for everyone at every age, starting with children and into adulthood. There are programmes specifically designed for different age groups.

Can beginners join these acting classes?

Yes, most classes have a beginner’s option; you can plunge right in by joining, say, a ‘beginner’s’ drama class, and learn the scripts, playing games and improving your confidence and skill over a longer period of time.

What is the typical duration of an acting class?

An acting-class is a short course in which you can learn the elements of acting in some time and if you have an more interest then you can go a long period more than 6 months in order for you to master your role to a higher level.

Do these classes offer performance opportunities?

Indeed, most acting classes include the possibility of working in front of an audience. Performances can be informal, like reading lines in class, or more formal such as performances, showcases and productions. Students can gain both experience and also exposure for their work.

Are there online options available?

Yes, sure. There are some credit institutions that come up with online classes and hold various resources for the needy ones. The online classes provide the trainees with an option of training, if they can not manage to attend the session. They have the privilege to reap the quality training in the comfort of their home.

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