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10 Best Baby Sleep Consultants In Singapore [2023]

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Baby Sleep Consultant Singapore

Best Baby Sleep Consultants Singapore
Best Baby Sleep Consultants Singapore

Are you a parent who is struggling to get your baby to sleep through the night? If so, you may need the help of a baby sleep consultant. A baby sleep consultant can help you create a bedtime routine for your child and teach them how to fall asleep on their own. There are many baby sleep consultants in Singapore, but not all of them are created equal. That is why we have put together this list of the 10 best baby sleep consultants in Singapore!

1. UpChild

Key ServicesSleep coaching
Address2 Venture Drive, #1402, Vision Exchange, Singapore 608526
Phone+65 9795 7367 (Whatsapp only)
Operating HoursMon-Fri 9am to 5pm, Sat 1pm to 3:30pm, Sun Closed

You don’t have to wait till your baby is born to learn more about sleep training, as long as you’re prepared.UpChild’s Group Sleep Education can help expecting parents get a good night’s sleep starting from day one ($300). You’ll get an e-book for newborns, a 75-minute Group Education Talk, sleep advice, and three phone consultations before your baby turns 12 weeks old.

UpChild has several sleep training packages for young children that start at $500 and go up to $1,200. The more expensive the plan, the greater number of resources you will have at your disposal. For example, the Premium ($1,200) package includes an in-home bedtime support on the first night to ensure that you don’t have to go through the hardest sleep training nights alone.

Key Differentiators:

  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Sleep consultation packages
  • Potty Training

Customer’s Review:

Definitely recommend Angela’s service. Took her sleep training program and it really works like magic! Used to be co sleeping with baby and using many sleep props but baby is sleeping through the night without waking now. She was able to recommend the right schedule for the complex arrangements we have and very responsive to our queries.

Recommend to do the free consultation with her for undecided parents!

Doreen Tan (Credits: Facebook)

2. Petite Dreamers

Key ServicesA preliminary assessment of your newborn’s sleep habits
Address1 Yishun Industrial Street 1, Singapore 768160
Phone+65 9828 6264
Operating HoursMon-Fri 9:30am to 4pm

We salute the parents of children who have been tossing and turning in bed until their second or third child has arrived. Although it can be difficult to get enough sleep when you have a new baby, it is possible to improve your sleep habits. If you’re considering turning to Petite Dreamers for help, know that training a second child to sleep concurrently is only an extra $150. If you want to do it one child at a time, on the other hand, you’ll receive 50% off your next kid.

Their packages, which include a 60-90-minute consultation and customised sleep plan tailored to your child’s age, are only $1,000. You’ll get support calls every week until your kid reaches 18 weeks old if you register for newborn care. The package includes 3 weeks of emails and SMSes, as well as 6 phone conversations for children aged 3-34 months and kids aged 2 years old or above.

Key Differentiators:

  • A free 15-minute introductory phone consultation is available
  • 60-90 Minute Consultation
  • Help your child develop a sleep plan

Customer’s Review:

Louise has changed our life completely. We were struggling with sleeping through the night with our 14 months old boy. After researching, we found Louise (and after chatting with many other consultants). Louise was extremely pleasant and helpful. She walked us through the process of sleep training and was always available to support us through the 3 weeks period. Our boy can sleep independently now and he quit his pacifier at the same time. He knows his bedtime routine and actually wants to go to sleep at the end of the day. BIG THANKS LOUISE!!!!!

Jo-an Seiffert

3. LittleSleepFixer

Key ServicesA tailored schedule for each individual child
AddressBased in SG
Phone+65 9669 7301
Operating HoursOpen 24 hours

LittleSleepFixer helps empower your child to sleep independently. They provide full support in every step of the way with you and have safe sleep practices. They also personalized schedules for every different child.

In terms of their services, they provide a Newborn Consult for S$150, a Basic package for S$300, a Classic package for S$700, a Refresh course for S$200 and 1 hour Consult for S$150. Mainly, the classic package provide the most for the clients. Their Sleep Trainer, Eunice is kind, supportive and knowledgeable

Key Differentiators:

  • Sleep Trainer is certified
  • Safe Sleep Practices
  • In their social media platform, they give out advises

Customer’s Review:

Eunice helped us sleep train our then 6 month old. We were honestly at our wits end for our son’s sleep at the time, and having returned to work, I was like a walking zombie every day because of how frequently my son was waking up throughout the night and how difficult it was to put him down for naps and bedtime.

Eunice was extremely patient and spent a lot of time understanding my baby’s schedule, eating and sleeping situation and provided a comprehensive plan. It was very hard initially and I almost gave up but thanks to Eunice’s constant reassurance we soldiered on!

Our son could sleep through the night after the 2 week programme and generally a much happier baby. We are so thankful to have our evenings and life back!

Would highly recommend Eunice!

Joy Ying

4. Sleep Supernanny

Key ServicesProvide sleep solutions
AddressBased In SG
Phone+65 9238 8060
Operating HoursOpen 24 Hours

Sleep Supernanny is one of the few baby sleep consultants in Singapore that have developed its own sleep training programme. And with this comes their army of 4 sleep consultants trained locally, so parents can rest easy knowing that there’s a higher chance of availability. 

They’ve got a wide selection of sleep consultancy packages for newborns under 3 months old, infants aged 3-23 months, and kids aged 2-5 years old. Under each age group, you can choose between Lite, Super, and VIP programmes – all of which are inclusive of an online or in-person consultation and resources such as an e-book and video on baby sleep. 

The higher tier the programme, the more you’ll get of course. Upgrade from Lite, and you’ll get more support in the form of sleep plans and follow-up calls included in your plan.

Key Differentiators:

  • A popular baby sleep consultant because it has been featured on numerous local medias/radio
  • Free Sleep Webinar
  • Provide Baby Sleep Cheat Sheet by Zoe Chu

Customer’s Review:

Read Zoe’s book which was written concisely and sharing important points, making it an easy read for busy moms. I was fortunate that my baby started sleeping through the night early and zoe’s teachings helped me be aware of good sleep habits to enforce as well as to help my baby train her ability to self soothe. definitely start with the book if you want to know more about good sleep for babies and kids.

Xin Min (Credits: Facebook)

5. Baby Planner

Key Servicesoffer exclusive pumping support to help you meet your breastfeeding goals
AddressBased In SG
Phone+65 8882 4484
Operating HoursOpen 24 Hours

This is for parents who get overwhelmed by too much information. It’s also great for folks on a tighter budget. For the price of only $200, Baby Planner will give parents a personalized sleep plan as well as detailed instructions on what to do next.

The consultation included in the solo package lasts for 90 minutes, with a possibility to get post-consultation support as an additional feature. Baby Planner not only offers services to help new parents with things like breastfeeding and having a nanny, but also provides other services like lactation consultancy.

Key Differentiators:

  • Pregnancy support
  • Modern Lactation Consultant Services
  • Unbiased Support

Customer’s Review:

Had a session this afternoon with Baby Planner SG at the comfort of our own home and learned a lot just in two hours as first time parents to be! It’s like a customised antenatal class (or I would also call it private tuition on breastfeeding & baby care) where we were able to learn how to take care of our newborn within our own home environment – we are still currently living with my in-laws where there are some space constraints so the tips on how to work around the limited space when baby arrives were really useful. We also received practical advice on what preparation is needed and what was not really necessary. Appreciate the generous and informative sharing!

Lim Xue Er (Credits: Facebook)

6. Our Little Chicks

Key ServicesEvery package comes with a thorough sleep strategy that includes step-by-step instructions
Address7D Balmoral Rd, Singapore 259790
Phone+65 9765 0903 (Whatsapp or Messenger only)
Operating HoursOpen 24 Hours

Our Little Chicks is a highly sought-after name in parent groups on Facebook.With many satisfied customers, they offer 3 different plans: newborns ($800), infants ($800), and older toddlers($900).

Each package includes a step-by-step sleep training plan with instructions and advice on how to conduct sleep training. It also includes a one-to-two hour consultation, as well as a two-week support period with unlimited WhatsApp, phone conversations, and emails. You will also receive tips and advice for each new milestone your baby hits after you complete the sleep training.

Key Differentiators:

  • A support period of 2 weeks with unlimited WhatsApp, phone calls, and emails
  • Free 20 Minutes discovery call
  • Offer various packages

Customer’s Review:

Thanks to Lavinia, we managed to get our baby sleeping well for his naps and nights. We were pleasantly surprised at how well and fast our baby responded to her proposed sleep plan. Even when illness unexpectedly struck during the course of the journey, she was understanding and kept us on track while we adapted to the situation at hand. As a sleep coach, Lavinia was responsive, knowledgeable and encouraging – she gave us the confidence and perseverance to bring the plan to fruition.

Emelia Loy

7. Beloved Bumps

Key ServicesProvide Pre & Postnatal classes in various locations
Address46 Kim Yam Road, #03-05 , Singapore, Singapore
Phone+65 8809 8623
Operating HoursMon-Sat 9am to 9pm

The cost of a ‘Beloved Bumps’ baby sleep consultation varies from $200 to $950, but your money will be well utilitised here. The 6-month Sweet Dreams package (starting at $950) includes unlimited WhatsApp help for parents concerned with growth spurts and leaps, as well as plenty of time to perfect your technique. Over the next 6 months, you’ll be able to see the sleep consultant 4 times and receive personalised sleep plans as your baby grows older.

Those working with a budget can still feel included. If you’re ready to get started, the Kick Start package ($600) gives a one-month WhatsApp assistance period, two in-person sessions, and a sleep strategy consisting of your child’s needs. The first option is for children up to 18 months old, and the second is for youngsters aged one through three.

If you’re interested in sleep training and want to start before your maternity leave ends, the One Week Sleep Support program is perfect for you and only costs $200. By the end of this workshop, you will have the tools and knowledge you need to get your baby on a sleep schedule and establish healthy sleep habits.

Key Differentiators:

  • Other services that might be offered include home visiting by a doula, baby massages, and lactation assistance.
  • Happiness Guarantee
  • Unbiased Information

Customer’s Review:

We are first time parents and we highly recommend the prenatal beloved bumps course!! It gave us lots of knowledge and tools to prepare for our little one ❤️. I also 100% recommend the midwife visit post birth. Charlotte came to our house and was indeed a huge blessing for us to have her guidance. She is very knowledgeable and deeply cares for babies and mothers’ welfare. Bonus track was that she spoke French same as my husband:) great experience and support overall

Connie Linares

8. Sleepy Bubba

Key ServicesProvide customised baby sleep schedule
Address167 Woodlands Street 11, #02-23, Singapore 730167
Phone+65 6013 6813
Operating HoursMon-Sun 10am to 7pm

Sleepy Bubba provides everything you need, whether it’s just the basics or something more comprehensive. Their No-Frills plan, fitting for all ages, is available starting at only $150. This one-time consultation includes helpful materials such as a timetable and suggestions for what to do when your child achieves new milestones, as well as templates.

They also have comprehensive plans for newborns (starting at $600), infants (beginning at $600) up to toddlers (ending at $700). Depending on the plan you choose, parents will receive a personalized sleep plan and consultation, plus 2-3 weeks of support that includes an unlimited number of WhatsApp texts and phone calls.

On the other hand, if you’re on a budget, you don’t have to feel left out. Sleepy Bubba has a Budget Plan ($450) for newborns and toddlers that includes everything. The advantages are the same, with the exception of the support period which is shortened to one week of WhatsApp usage rights and one phone call at conclusion.

Key Differentiators:

  • A Certified Baby Sleep Consultant
  • Very informative on the website
  • Free 15 Minutes Discovery Call

Customer’s Review:

Alright, here’s the run-down: our kid kept waking multiple times the whole night through and we were all feeling the strain of it before long. We got in touch with Leann through some recommendations and thought it couldn’t hurt to try. She observed, consulted, and tailored a sleep schedule along with some recommended changes to the environment to make things more conducive for our little one to sleep. Let’s just say that these days, I hardly have to sneak off in the office to take a nap!

Chay Su Lyn

9. SleepKraft

Key ServicesOffers all-in-one solution
AddressSin Ming Ave, Singapore 570409
Phone+65 9004 9772
Operating HoursMon-Fri 9am to 4pm

SleepKraft provides support for pre- and postpartum depression and stress, starting at just $60 for a one-hour phone call. Plus, we offer a maternity package ($180) with tips for baby sleep so you can be prepared when your little bun arrives.

Their sleep training plans are designed for 3 age groups: newborns ($320) aged 0-14 weeks, infants ($880) aged 15 weeks to 24 months, and preschoolers ($880), spanning 2-6 years. With each purchase, you’ll receive a personalized sleep plan as well as phone consultation and scheduling guides. Additionally, post-training support is accessible for 21 days after your initial purchase.

Key Differentiators:

  • Provide Free Sleep Log Templates
  • Offers Spotify Sleep Playlist
  • Provide Sample Nap Routines

Customer’s Review:

Engaging SleepKraft was the best decision we made. Evelyn was there with us every step of the way and gave us the confidence to go through sleep training our child. During our 3 week journey, Evelyn equipped us with tools and knowledge we needed. She also checked in with us every morning to see how our night went.

Now we have more time to ourselves and a happier baby. Also no more patting or having to be around to pop in the pacifier! Naps and bed times used to be dreadful but not anymore.

Highly recommend anyone who is interested in sleep training to engage Evelyn! We’re going to miss her!

Gladys Teo

10. Lullabub Sleepers

Key ServicesProvide various programs
AddressRobinson Rd, #06-20 120, Singapore 068913
Phone+65 9232 9614
Operating Hours:Mon-Fri 10am to 4pm

Lullabub Sleepers understands that it’s always comforting to have someone by your side during tough times, which is why they’re here to help you through your first evening of baby sleep training.

Their packages (from $650 to $795) offer 5- or 6-hour in-home sessions as part of the plan. Also included are a customised sleep plan, an on-site assessment of Bub’s room, and WhatsApp and phone call support.

Expectant parents may participate in the Understand your baby’s cries course ( $100). It’s an online session that’ll assist you figure out what your newborn is trying to say.

Key Differentiators:

  • Sleep sense certified consultant
  • Provide online session for parents to be prepared
  • Offers various programs for your child

Customer’s Review:

Great experience. A truly remarkable experience. Debra was really patient with us and helped us greatly with our little one. She is really passionate with what she is doing and the positivity helps every bit in the initial stressful phase.

I have to say, the journey was arduous but it definitely paid off.

Debra was there through out and went beyond to assure us especially for my wife when she was so stressed up and demoralized … Really appreciate for what she has done for us. One of the best decision we have made is to engage Debra!

If you are looking to engage her, please do! Know that the road ahead will be a little bumpy at the start but all for a good cause, you and your little one will be fast asleep in no time. 🙂

Philip Wong

Baby Sleep Consultant Singapore

Baby sleep consultants can help you create a personalized sleep plan for your baby, which will include tips on how to get your baby to sleep through the night. They can also provide support and advice throughout the sleep training process. If you are looking for help getting your baby to sleep through the night, consider contacting one of the best baby sleep consultants in Singapore.

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