15 Best Office Christmas Party Ideas, Games & Activities for Work

Christmas Party

Are you stuck for Christmas party ideas?

Are you looking for something fun and festive to keep your work colleagues entertained?

Christmas Party
Christmas Party

Look no further! In this blog post, we will provide a range of Christmas party games and activities that are sure to get everyone in the holiday spirit. From classic games like charades to more festive activities like making Christmas ornaments, we have something for everyone.

So put on your party hats and get ready to celebrate Christmas with your coworkers!

1. Alphabet Holiday Game

Exercise the mental muscles in the morning.
Game of "A through Z." Each letter of the alphabet will include a space for a holiday term that your staff members will write in on a printed sheet. Then, they can either sit around alone or in groups (organized by department is a good idea) and fill out their responses. The list with the most original ideas wins first place, and the humorous list comes in second!

2. Santa Costume Party

Why should the mall guy get all the fun? For the holiday party, the CEO or perhaps all the managers can dress like St. Nick. Even better, dress like Santa Claus the whole day long as a team in your business, complete with white fluffy beard, cap, and boots. If charming reindeer or elf ears suit your style better, you can just just wear them.

These festive outfits could cause many belly laughs, which is important at work.

3. Photo Booth

Do you have The Office on DVD? If so, you are aware that Stanley and Angela may be found in every workplace. Give the scrooges a chance to relax at the holiday party in a temporary photo booth. You can build up sets and costumes and shoot pictures yourself, or you can hire a firm for a fair price.

Christmas Party - Photo Booth (Credit: Pexels)
Christmas Party - Photo Booth

Images are the most important thing that people value in the world. They display photographs of their family, friends, and pets at their desks because of this. Your staff members can have fun and get to know one another better by using a photo booth. Perhaps a couple of these pictures will be put on display in the workplace, adding to the friendly environment.

4. Guess that Song

Nothing says festive like Christmas music, such as "Jingle Bells," "All I Want for Christmas is You," and "Little Drummer Boy." By holding a karaoke hour, hiring carolers, or playing the music in the background, you can bring these holiday classics to your workplace party. Give out printable sheets and ask everyone to write down the name of the song as it plays if you're looking for a holiday party game that your staff can literally sing along to.

4. Secret Santa

The most popular option is typically Secret Santa, which has been a staple of company Christmas parties for years. They are a fantastic method to get your staff talking to one another. Set aside $20 and enforce a tight no food, no booze policy to prevent any problems. Go ahead and enjoy yourself while looking for a truly amazing gift to trade at the party!

5. Holiday Stockings

Giving your staff mini stockings at the office holiday party is a simple present idea. Do you employ a tiny staff? Spend lavishly on an elegant restaurant or Amazon gift card. Are you employed in a sizable office? Keep it straightforward with a few candies and perhaps a few little trinkets.

6. Go for Volunteer Works

The giving season is upon us! Instead of hosting a customary business holiday party, find a method for your firm to volunteer together to get back to the true spirit of the season. Many non-profit organizations, like Habitat for Humanity, Feed My Starving Children, and homeless shelters, are always in need of assistance, particularly during the holiday season.

7. Blind Christmas Tree

Give each player a piece of green construction paper. After placing the paper behind his back, each participant tears it into the shape of a Christmas tree. Whoever has the most attractive tree wins.

8. Holiday Scavenger Hunt

Hide Christmas-related objects throughout the party space before the event. Give out cards with pictures of all the goods the hunters need to find as soon as everyone has arrived. The winner is the player who unearths the most objects.

9. Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest

Invite guests to the party and tell them to wear their ugly Christmas sweaters. A panel of judges selects the three most hideous sweaters: ugly, uglyer, and uglyest. Think about presenting prizes to the top three winners.

10. Holiday Charades

Use the titles of Christmas carols or other Christmas-related words to play this popular game. Divide into teams and add up the points to make it a contest.

11. Fun Employee Awards

Recognizing employees for their accomplishments at this time is ideal. Make them silly or honest. For the person who makes the coffee or is an early bird, create prizes or give out joke gifts.

12. Christmas Bingo

The game of holiday bingo promotes social interaction among partygoers. Give a Bingo card to each participant before starting the game. Then, exhort participants to converse with other visitors. The names of other players who fulfill the description are written in the squares by the participants. The winner is the first person to mark five consecutive squares and shout "Bingo!"

13. Gingerbread House Build-off

One of the best office Christmas party activities is competing in gingerbread house builds. Give the employees the supplies they need to create mouthwatering displays before holding the competitions.

Give each team time to discuss their decorating decisions before judging the houses at the conclusion of the program. Before selecting a winner and eating the first taste, be sure to take lots of pictures!

14. Pet Christmas Party

You may host a pet-friendly gathering where your furry friends take center stage. We advise either hosting separate events for dogs and cats or going with the pet option that most people have. Make sure all animals are fully immunized and get along with other animals. You may also make appointments for the pets to attend the celebrations in order to prevent any potential fights.

15. Holiday Escape Room Adventure

Escape rooms are all the rage right now, and for good reason––they’re a ton of fun! Why not put a Christmas spin on things and create a holiday-themed escape room? This is a great team-building activity that will get everyone in the Christmas spirit. Have employees work through different adventures and mystery together!

Check out FunEmpire's Escape Room to know more about it!

Christmas Party

Christmas is just around the corner, and that means it's time for office Christmas parties! If you're looking for some ideas on how to make your party fun and festive, you've come to the right place. In this blog post, we have discussed a variety of Christmas party games and activities that will keep your guests entertained all night long.

So put on your Christmas sweaters and get ready to have some fun!

8 Best Fun Virtual Office Party Ideas

Virtual Office Party  

Virtual Office Party (Credit: Pexels)
Virtual Office Party

Looking for some fun Virtual Office Party Ideas? You've come to the right place! Here at FunEmpire, we love to celebrate the holidays with a festive online party. Whether you're looking for ideas for a private party or something to get your office in the holiday spirit, we've got you covered.

Check out our top tips below!

1. Creative Home Kits

With a little creativity, you can throw a virtual office party that's actually fun.

One great way to add some excitement to your virtual office party is to get everyone involved in creating different art pieces. FunEmpire Creative Home Kits are perfect for this activity! They come with everything your colleagues will need to create their own masterpiece, plus instructions on how to do it.

And the best part is, everyone can do it from the comfort of their own home. No need to worry about coordinating schedules or getting everyone in the same place.

2. Virtual Escape Room

Our interactive puzzles and locks are the perfect way to get your team working together, and our exciting storyline will keep everyone engaged from start to finish. Best of all, our Virtual Escape Room can be played from anywhere in the world, so there's no need to worry about travel plans.

Virtual Office Party - Virtual Escape Room
Virtual Office Party - Virtual Escape Room

So if you're looking for a fun and unique way to celebrate your next office milestone, look no further than FunEmpire's Virtual Escape Room!

3. Virtual Time Travel

If you're looking for some fun virtual office party ideas, why not try a Virtual Time Travel party? You can experience time travel through different eras, solving puzzles and challenges along the way. It's a great way to get everyone in the office involved and bonding, all while having a lot of fun.

Plus, it's a great way to get everyone away from their desks and out of their work mindset for a little while. If you're looking for a truly unique and memorable virtual office party idea, Virtual Time Travel is definitely the way to go!

4. Virtual Karaoke

If you weren't in a band during school or university, here's your chance to go on a virtual stage and perform! A virtual karaoke session is held using meeting platforms and may be done either by external individuals or self.

The session will be moderated by the host, who will also guide participants through the regulations and show the song choices!

5. Puppet theater

This is one of the virtual office party ideas I'm looking forward to trying out! A puppet theater contains a narrative, characters, and voices. It's a group activity that demands cooperation. Each person may be in command of something similar to a genuine play.

Someone from the marketing department might write the narrative, while others on the creative team can create sock or glove puppets. It's a lot of fun, but it's also a wonderful method to bring everyone together.

6.  Send Beautiful Holiday Gift Boxes

It's hard to top getting something in the mail, but there are many ways to make someone happy. You may give your workers a present of goodies as a reward for their hard work. Have an off-screen event with a gift box sent to them if they're feeling zonked out and bored before your virtual gathering.

7. Holiday Mascot

It's possible to be in a bad mood when you're working from home. You may have your virtual Christmas party with your remote staff by asking them to dress up. Your teammates may get into the holiday spirit by watching videos of popular characters in costume.

8. Movie Marathon

We all have our individual favorite films to watch during the holidays, why not make it greater and enjoy them together. You may put on your own holiday movie marathon and view it as a group.

Whether it's action or comedy, you may enter and exit the marathon at any time, as well as engage in casual conversation in the sidebar.

Virtual Office Party  

A Virtual Office Party can be a great way to celebrate the holidays with your colleagues, friends, or family. They are festive, fun, and easy to organize - and they don't have to cost a lot of money. Don't forget to check out our top tips for throwing a Virtual Office Party that everyone will enjoy!

How To Throw An Office Celebration With Remote Team Members [2022]

Office Celebration

It's that time of year again when we all get together to celebrate another year of hard work!

Office Celebration
Office Celebration

Office celebrations are a great way to bring everyone together and show your appreciation for your team. However, if you have remote team members, throwing an office celebration can be a bit tricky.

In this blog post, we will discuss some tips on how to throw an office celebration with remote team members.

1. A Well Hosted Recognition Event (With a Twist)

A 60-minute event that you can conduct with distant workers, Just a Darn Fun Event is a fun way to interact with coworkers. The games include a mashup of trivia, rapid-fire Bingo, and other micro-challenges that are ideal for recognizing team wins and accomplishments.

2. Virtual Food Quest

Do you love trying new foods from all over the world? If so, you'll love Virtual Food Quest! This is a virtual game where you and your team explore different cuisines from all over the world. You'll need to use your knowledge of food and culture to identify various dishes, ingredients, and cooking techniques.

The more you play, the more you'll learn about different foods from different cultures. And who knows, you might even discover a new favorite dish! So gather your friends and get ready to explore the world through cuisines with Virtual Food Quest!

3. Cocktail Shake-Up

Champagne is ideal for special events. People have been drinking to celebrate victories since long ago. You and your team may rejoice together by learning how to mix creative cocktails during Cocktail Shake-Up.

Each group member will receive a box full of ingredients. On a video conference, the guide will walk the group through a delicious drink lesson and elegant work-friendly drinking games. This virtual gathering is ideal for all kinds of events, from birthdays to promotions to project finales to your regular Thursday night, especially during company anniversaries.

4. Send a care package

The most beautiful surprises come without warning. Everyone enjoys receiving gifts in the mail, and remote workers are no exception. To boost morale and acknowledge important occasions, send care packages to your virtual employees.

Office Celebration - FunEmpire Home Kit
Office Celebration - FunEmpire Home Kit

DIY Crafts like Leathermaking Workshop, Terrarium Workshop, Art Jamming, Candle Making, are perfect for your office celebrations.

5. Start a team ritual

Team bonding is built on shared experiences. The first step in forming a team identity is to establish a custom. You and your teammates might create a routine celebration to enjoy every time one of you achieves a goal or milestones.

The actual act isn't as significant as the repetition. Joining a team habit allows employees to feel part of the team.

6. Wheel of Fortune

Board games are ideal ice-breakers since they help people get acquainted with one another and provide a sense of common purpose. FunEmpire enables you to play virtual reality versions of classic games such as Wheel of Fortune.

7. Escape Room

Escape rooms are a fantastic team-building exercise because they do not only require physical challenges and intrigue, you can also do it virtually! Escape rooms are puzzles that need cooperation to resolve. Participants are put in a room (physically or virtually) and must find clues and solve problems in order to get out.

8. Build a highlight reel of your greatest hits

Save these for the end of the year. Send out a questionnaire to your workers so they may cast their votes for prestigious and amusing titles.

You could have the best campaign, greatest customer care experience, most successful sales end, finest-dressed individual... The list might go on and on, and you may make it as personalized as possible.

9. Pet Intros

This may be a lot of fun for you and your coworkers if your team has pets. We've discovered that bonding over animals is a genuine thing among coworkers since I obtained a dog. It's fantastic.

Office Celebration

With technology becoming more and more advanced, it's no surprise that many companies are choosing to have remote team members.

This can be a great way to save on office space and personnel costs, but it can also be difficult to build camaraderie among team members who are spread out all over the world. One of the best ways to overcome this challenge is by throwing an office celebration!

Hope you have enjoyed our blog post where we have discussed some tips for planning an office celebration that will bring your remote team together!

7 Best Fun Office Games to Boost Morale [2022]

Fun Office Games

Looking for ways to boost morale in the office?

Check out these seven fun office games! These games are a great way to get employees excited and engaged, and they can help break up the monotony of the work day. Many of these games can be played in teams or pairs, so they are perfect for groups of coworkers.

Fun Office Games
Fun Office Games

And best of all, most of them are easy to set up and don't require any special equipment. So what are you waiting for? Start playing today!

1. Brainstorm your worries away

In this game, you must have everyone write down a problem at work that is currently troubling them and then crumple them up and throw them in a pile. Divide the workplace into groups and ask each team to select several issues at random before re-crumpling them, then start brainstorming solutions.

2. Desk Marketing

Each member of the team takes one thing from their workstation to the workout. The product will be named, designed, sloganed, and marketed in a specific amount of time, according to the participants. This might be done individually or in small groups depending on your setup.

3. Remember Me

Most people do not have this sort of opportunity to collaborate. It's a quick way to get them smiling and feeling great about their employer, so it's well worth the effort. Make some teamwork-related topics into posters or post-its, then have everyone select one and share a memory linked to it.

Fun Office Games - Remember Me
Fun Office Games - Remember Me

"Late night," "work travel," "working together," "my first day," and so on are all examples of topics. Get individuals to chuckle and recall their own tales!

4. The Mannequin Game

The role of the statue is taken by one individual in this game. This person becomes a statue at a specific time during the planned duration, mid-task. As people start to notice, they too are transformed into statues.

The last person to notice becomes the next statue. It's a lot of fun, even if people turn into statues mid-conversation.

5. Guess Which Movie

Cut up a list of several film titles and mix them up. After that, choose the first pair, to begin with. They silently enact a scene from the movie written on paper without saying anything or making any noises. Everyone else knows the film. The winner then plays, with their partner. And so on. When all of the pairs have finished playing, the game is over.

6. Name that Staff Member

Divide your staff into groups and have each individual write his or her name in a hat. Each team gets a turn as they draw a name and use adjectives to describe that person, making others guess who it is.

7. Noah’s Ark

Make a total of two animal sets and give them out to all of the players. Each person must find their corresponding card without speaking the human language. Make sure you have someone on hand to judge each couple as soon as they discover one another. The game continues until everyone has found their partner.

Fun Office Games

Fun office games are a great way to boost morale and keep your team entertained. When people are bored, they are less productive. By having some fun office games on hand, you can keep your team happy and motivated.

In this blog post, we have discussed seven of the best fun office games that you can play to boost morale!

Check out more tips and fun games here:

8 Best Office Games to Keep Employees Connected [2022]

Office Games

When you work in an office, it can be easy to feel disconnected from your colleagues. Long hours and busy days can make it difficult to socialize and connect with your co-workers. That's why it's important to have some fun office games that everyone can enjoy!

Office Games

In this blog post, we will discuss eight of the best office games that can help keep employees connected and engaged.

1. Human Train

You must divide your group into teams of equal numbers. You may create as many teams as you like, and they can be of any size, but we recommend between 4 and 6 people per team.

Every team forms a line, with their hands on the person in front of them. Every member of the line must be blindfolded, except for the last individual! Each team must successfully navigate an obstacle course guided by the person at the rear of the line, naturally.

One should avoid complex menu navigation and stick to a simple shoulder touch – left for left, right for right – which is conveyed up the chain. The person at the rear of the line will improve his or her timing and coordination abilities, as well as learn to trust others.

2.  Build a Bridge

Unless your team has the appropriate insurance, it's probably not a good idea to have them build real bridges. However, you may get them to collaborate to construct a tiny bridge out of paper, old bottles, and glue!

The most common way to balance a beam is with two markers, a few feet apart. The bridge must be distinct from one marker to the next. The prize will go to the bridge that can bear the greatest weight and yet remain standing.

3.  Back-to-back Artist

This is another fantastic game for team members to communicate with one another. There are several variations of this game, but the one we adore the most is when you split your group up into pairs.

Each pair is back to back. Give one person a photograph and a pencil and paper, then have the other person describe what they can see to their partner - who must try to sketch a replica of what they saw as closely as possible.

Office Games - Back to Back Artist
Office Games - Back to Back Artist

You can't just slap a photo of your puppy on the wall and call it a day. The images will almost always be different from what they're supposed to be. Some, on the other hand, may surprise you. In either case, your team members will be exposed to new ways of communicating as a result.

4. Clue Names

The game of Clue Names is a fun game for two teams where one must communicate and find clues. You should try to give hints to your own team while avoiding giving away information to the opposing side.

In Clue Names, you're not just considering how to talk with your pals in the most effective way possible. You're also attempting to think of strategies to keep your conversations from being overheard by your enemies!

5. Marshmallow Challenge

In this scenario, several teams compete to construct the highest freestanding structure with specified materials in a set amount of time.

This game is a fantastic icebreaker as well as a team-building exercise since it promotes collaboration among team members by having them brainstorm together.

In conjunction, the Marshmallow Challenge encourages individuals to explore Plan B if their initial option does not work.

So, with the Marshmallow Challenge, you may sharpen your team's problem-solving skills while also having some fun. It's definitely a win-win situation in my opinion.

6. Team Sports Tournament

Organizing a sports tournament between teams is a fantastic method to get the blood pumping and promote some healthy rivalry. You might want to reserve a whole day for this or perhaps split it up over several days during lunch breaks or on weekends.

Games such as Poolball, Archery Tag, and Bubble Soccer.

7. Ping Pong Run-Around

A great game to try at work if you want to play with many people at once is a large game of run-around. The game plays best with around 8 players, but it's enjoyable to play with 4-15.

Players stand in a circle around the table with a bat in their hand. The two players at opposite ends of the table will begin, one serving the ball to the other. Each player, however, will attempt to make their way toward the far end of the table while leaving the player behind them to return the next shot.

The game continues until 2 players remain, at which point they are eliminated. You may designate these joint victors or hold a play-off to determine the winner.

This game will be a lot of fun for your team, but it will also tire them out.

8. Picture Consequences

Everyone draws a head, no matter what form it is — perhaps a guy with a mustache and a top hat, or an octopus with seven eyes. Players fold the paper over so that only the bottom portion of the head is visible after it's completed.

After the body part is placed, the next player on your left takes a head. Each player then draws a torso and arms. This is folded and handed to the next person on your left.

Finally, each player draws legs. Examine the results to see how team effort affects creative thinking!

Office Games

In order to create a productive work environment, it is important for employees to feel connected to one another. Office games are a great way to encourage team building and collaboration. In this blog post, we have discussed 8 of the best office games that can help keep your employees connected!

Team Engagement Tips: How to Bond With Your New Hires Remotely [2022]

Team Engagement

Starting a new job is always a bit of a whirlwind. There's so much to learn and do, and it can be tough to get your bearings in a new environment. But what about when your team is spread out across the country - or even the globe?

Team Engagement
Team Engagement

That's when team engagement becomes especially important. Here are five tips for bonding with your new hires remotely and creating a cohesive team culture.

1. Connect the New Hires

Assist new recruits in getting acquainted with one another throughout the company. This natural connection is fostered by their similar experience of starting remotely, regardless of age, department, or role.

According to researchers from Harvard Business School, workers who engage in frequent virtual team building events (15 Proven Virtual Ice Breakers for Remote Workers [2022]) are happier and perform better at work. Online and casual interactions between new remote employees help to build professional relationships, as well as corporate ties.

2. Have an Open Environment

Make it clear that asking questions is encouraged, and there is nothing wrong with a stupid question, no matter whether you work entirely remotely or in person. This is especially important for new hires who reside far away.

If you want to connect with candidates remotely, make it clear that they are welcome to ask questions about anything from the details of their job to minor matters like breakroom rules. This will put them at ease and allow for a smooth connection between all of you.

3. Be observant

Body language, intonation, and eye contact are all important components of person-to-person bonding that are difficult to detect when you're talking virtually. However, while communicating through the internet, it's more difficult to notice these subtle signals. It will need a little more work on your part, though.

Take it a step further and search for other ways to connect with your employees. Keep an eye on the tone of team discussions and written communications so you can stay in touch with how your new personnel is feeling about their jobs.

4. Present a Success Road Map

This is another one of the suggestions on this page that relates to clarity. During a period of workers' uncertainty, well-defined objectives are just as necessary as they've ever been.

Team-Engagement-Road Map
Team-Engagement-Road Map

Make sure your new employees have a clear plan for their first few months on the job. Let them know exactly what you want and anticipate from them. Ambiguity is bad for both the business and the newcomer, as they'll be caught in the middle of it.

This may be a fantastic method for your new hires to get exposed to company culture and see how employees deal with stress. They'll also get a sense of where they fit in the larger corporate ecosystem, and they'll meet people who will be relying on their work.

5. Monitor Well-Being

You want to make sure that new remote recruits are connected with coworkers, the firm, and their job, but you also want to be cautious about how much they connect. If the work becomes lonely, demanding, or overwhelming before they become fully involved, they will depart before becoming completely absorbed.

In today's world, it is more important than ever before to hire the best and brightest individuals. This means that top front-line managers and human resources should assist new employees in avoiding burnout. You should personally contact and inquire about your recruits' well-being and health on a regular basis.

Team Engagement

Making a good first impression is key to team engagement. When you are new to a team, it can be difficult to feel like you belong. This is especially true if you are working remotely.

In this blog post, we have discussed some tips for bonding with your new team members and building strong relationships with them.

Best Tips On How to Keep Employees Happy [2022]

Keep Employees Happy

Happy employees are productive employees. It's a simple equation that most business owners understand, but it can be difficult to put into practice. There are many factors that go into making employees happy, and it can vary from one person to the next.

Keep Employees Happy
Keep Employees Happy

In this blog post, we will discuss some ways that you can keep your employees happy and productive!

1. Work-Life Balance

Employees' work-life balance is crucial to their job satisfaction. Although the term "work-life balance" has become somewhat of a cliché, it still matters in any healthy workplace environment.

It's critical to have a good work-life balance when you're trying to create a healthy workplace culture and retain staff members. Giving workers more freedom, in fact, can help people avoid burnout at work by reducing overall stress.

2. Flexible Working Schedules

Many individuals experience a wide range of tasks over the course of their day, and everyone believes that they perform best at particular hours. Some workers may wake up early while others may work much better late in the night. Flexible working hours allow each employee to maintain their own ideal personal routine while still completing work tasks.

Employees that have the flexibility to work on their own timetable are far more productive.

3. Positive Work Environment

It might be difficult to build a good work environment, but it's even more important than ever before to develop one that enthuses workers! According to employee surveys, having a pleasant workplace is one of the most wanted elements of employment.

Many elements influence the creation of a good work atmosphere, but transparency and open communication are still crucial to keeping problems from being bottled up and undesirable emotions from spreading. That's why having a transparent workplace is so essential for creating an atmosphere in which employees feel comfortable discussing everything—and getting their dark clouds out in the light.

4. Offer Benefits

One of the most significant ways to keep staff content is through benefits. It's a no-brainer: when employees feel their firm cares about them, they're far more likely to be happy and productive.

The complications of benefits may be difficult. What's the secret to making things simpler? You must communicate with your staff to develop a comprehensive benefits package that meets the demands of your employees. As a leadership team, you must interact with your workers. Office-wide surveys, feedback systems, and other methods can help.

5. Encourage Breaks

Managers shouldn't push their staff to work excessively without realizing it because being forced to work long hours is bad for your health. Managers may find it simple to encourage their employees to stay late in order to finish the project or skip lunch. This is a damaging habit that leads employees down a steep, quick slope

Instead of pushing employees to work harder, try encouraging them to take a break instead. Many workers know that bosses value time spent in their office chairs as an indication of a job well done, which may make it seem like saying it is easier than doing it.

6. Communication

Employees care about leadership communication and openness. Employee buy-in and company alignment will improve when transparency is prioritized. Employees must understand the "why" of important decisions in order to feel part of the picture. Employees are more likely to have feelings of anger or bitterness toward management if they are left out.

7. Recognition and Appreciation

Employees should be recognized for their accomplishments. When their efforts go unrecognized, morale drops and employees may lose interest in future projects. However, when proper recognition is given importance, employees' happiness rises and motivation increases.

When you reward your staff, they are less likely to seek validation elsewhere.

8.  Listening Ear

Leaders must really listen to their workers and remember that they, too, are people at the end of the day. Employees will not be pleased if workplace concerns are constantly overlooked. By scheduling one-on-one meetings, offering surveys, and providing a platform for employees to voice their opinions, you may listen to your staff.

Listening Ear - Keep Employees Happy
Listening Ear - Keep Employees Happy

9. Relationship building

Relationships that are meaningful are critical to a successful career. In fact, having pals at work is considered the most essential component to a happy work-life by 70% of employees. To improve happiness among all employees, executives may provide relationship-building activities such as team-building exercises or employee resource groups.

10. Overall Company Culture

Employee happiness is enhanced by the external environment. Everyone should try to be more cheerful and avoid circumstances that might make others uncomfortable, no matter what their position or job title is. Managers must set the tone by following through on what they preach in order to encourage positivity. Zero-tolerance policies establish a cultural norm for serious concerns such as harassment or bullying.

Keep Employees Happy

Keeping your employees happy is one of the most important things you can do as a business owner. Happy employees are more productive and less likely to leave their job. In this blog post, we have discussed some ways that you can keep your employees happy and satisfied with their jobs. We hope you got a thing or two!

Check out more of our tips and tricks here! Including some great virtual team activities below:

Best Ways You Can Help With the Mental Wellbeing of Your Employees [2022]

Mental Wellbeing

Did you know that employees are lonelier than ever? In a world where social media and technology dominate our lives, it's no surprise that people are feeling more isolated than ever. This can have a major impact on mental health, and it's something that employers need to take seriously.

Mental Wellbeing
Mental Wellbeing

In this blog post, we will discuss the issue of loneliness in the workplace and how employers can help their employees feel less alone.

1. Understand psychological safety

Psychological safety is the perception that a given environment encourages people to take risks. The study of learning-oriented actions such as asking questions, expressing concerns, acknowledging mistakes, and offering suggestions has long been the focus of this research.

Employees are more likely to do so if they receive clear signals from their bosses and teammates that they will be praised for doing so. They're also less inclined to reach out to coworkers for social connection without a comparable safety net.

2. Orchestrate Empathy

Scripted social interactions are becoming increasingly common in organizations as a method of promoting psychological safety. Some enterprises have held empathy sessions to help employees express their feelings and make connections with other participants. Others are using various methods to create social support and empathy.

Researchers at the University of Michigan and Notre Dame are studying the use of gratitude circles in a restaurant chain. Employees congregate in a circle before the lunch shift begins. One individual is chosen to stand in the circle while coworkers describe qualities about him or her that they appreciate and admire. Gratitude givers and recipients were found to feel more connected as ever.

3. Reinforce relationship risk-taking

The performance-management process must also be adjusted. Companies must improve the advantages as well as minimize the hazards associated with interacting with coworkers at work. This entails recognizing and rewarding individuals who make the first move and who react favorably to other people's outreach.

Microsoft discovered, for example, that firms that provide rewards and incentives for developing internal relationships had employees with higher levels of job satisfaction and happiness. These types of extrinsic incentives are crucial to emphasize the significance and legitimacy of corporate initiatives in the eyes of workers.

Mental Wellbeing Support
Mental Wellbeing Support

4. Look out for the invisible enemy

Employees don't broadcast their isolation. Neither team membership, network structures, nor someone's degree of extraversion can expose it. Loneliness at work is an entirely subjective internal feeling: very few individuals genuinely comprehend me or would lend me a helping hand in my time of need. The lonely perceive little to no connection to others.

When it comes to building relationships, there are several factors to consider, including collaboration and social support. Working in sequence or simply handing off the baton from one colleague to the next is unlikely to provide as many chances for genuine connection as more integrated forms of collaboration. Instead, creating a work that encourages high degrees of interactivity and frequent sharing of resources is much more advisable.

5. Design for higher interdependence

However, in the long term, workshops and activities will not cure loneliness. Consider the outcome of team-building efforts such as "the trust fall," which takes place when a group leaves the woods and returns to work: Unless leadership made additional changes to structures and reward systems, the newly enhanced levels of team bonding soon dissipated unless further enhancements were made.

Much of the advice about preparing teams for the long haul still applies: Reestablish the team's mission, establish clear interaction norms, enforce them consistently, develop a shared team identity, make roles and processes transparent, stabilize the membership, and reduce cross-team switching costs as we return to work full-time or adopt hybrid WFH strategies.

The five actions stated above will lay a solid foundation for team effectiveness. However, structural changes might be required to create stronger intra-team relationships.

Mental Wellbeing

Employers should be proactive in creating a workplace culture that encourages mental well-being. This can be done by implementing policies and programs that promote social and emotional connectivity, as well as providing employees with the resources they need to manage their mental health.

If you're an employer who is looking for ways to help your employees feel less alone, we hope this blog post will help you and your employees in creating a stress-free work environment.

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Best Tools and Strategies to Prevent Employee Isolation [2022]

Strategies to Prevent Employee Isolation

In any workplace, it's important to have a sense of community and connectedness. When employees feel isolated, they can start to feel unhappy or unproductive.

Strategies to Prevent Employee Isolation
Strategies to Prevent Employee Isolation

In this blog post, we will discuss some top strategies and tools to prevent employee isolation in your business. By creating a positive work environment, you can help keep your team members happy and engaged!

1. Stay connected

To optimize employee productivity, business leaders should advocate for managers to include off-topic conversations in group meetings. These casual chats can help remote workers feel like a part of a team. Managers may begin each meeting with a "virtual icebreaker" (15 Proven Virtual Ice Breakers for Remote Workers [2022])

2. Appreciate small wins

When employees work remotely, singling them out for outstanding performance and celebrating milestones is even more important.

Appreciate Small Wins - Strategies to Prevent Employee Isolation
Appreciate Small Wins - Strategies to Prevent Employee Isolation

It is crucial that managers appreciate small victories, such as a minor success on a team project. Publicly recognizing an employee communicates that person's membership in the group.

3. Provide tech and productivity tools

It's critical to provide remote workers with the tools they need to stay in touch and be productive.

Project management tools such as Asana and Airtable, chat/messaging apps like Slack and Microsoft Teams, and video conferencing software like Zoom and Google Hangouts are all examples of collaboration technologies.

The use of these new technologies allows managers and workers to be on the same page, even if they are working from home or in a long line at the supermarket. These new apps might also assist your team stay more productive and connected when COVID-19 fears subside and employees return to work.

4. Daily check-ins

Managers no longer have daily face time with staff, and workers are unable to discuss anything important on the water cooler, so establishing a daily check-in schedule is an essential approach to setting priorities and building connections.

A daily video chat, phone call, or IM session may help to establish a sense of routine. These check-ins can be one-on-one or performed in small groups.

These technologies and productivity tools can be quite useful in revamping standard check-ins. If you previously held an in-person all-hands meeting every day, for example, you might consider using a video conferencing app to hold a virtual version of the same meeting each morning.

Revitalized meetings that are geared toward remote workers may help you maintain connection and productivity.

5. Have your own dedicated workspaces

However, if they're now working from home on a regular basis, bosses should encourage employees to build personal workspaces that are distinct from communal areas. In some circumstances, companies have even rewarded workers with significant financial incentives to set up conducive, productive work environments while working remotely.

Have your own dedicated workspaces - Strategies to Prevent Employee Isolation
Have your own dedicated workspaces - Strategies to Prevent Employee Isolation

Dedicated workspaces can assist employees in escaping the typical distractions of everyday life at home. With many parents having to be at home with their children due to school closures, an office away from family might help you stay focused and on task. Even if this office is a temporary makeshift location, such as a guest room, basement, attic, or walk-in closet.

6. Dress for productivity

While it may not seem essential to dress for business while working from home, psychologically it does assist many people in avoiding wearing sweatpants and pajamas when attempting to be productive.

Mentally, putting on clothing that makes you feel good can assist you in concentrating on completing essential duties. Dressing properly also allows employees to be more at ease when participating in an unexpected video call with clients or coworkers.

7. Prioritize good mental health practices

Instead of establishing a few regulations and assuming the work is completed, company leaders must combat employee isolation and loneliness every day.

Once is not enough to address these concerns. Instead, leaders must revisit employee mental health on a regular basis and put the employees' greatest interests first.

This is really about fostering a compassionate culture in your company so that you can handle these problems in various ways and assure that everyone understands how much you care. Create a caring atmosphere that will entice people to stay, especially your top performers.

Strategies to Prevent Employee Isolation

Employee isolation is a real issue in today's workplace. With so many distractions and opportunities for socialization, it can be easy for employees to become isolated from their coworkers. This can lead to decreased productivity, increased stress levels, and even health problems.

In this blog post, we have discussed some of the top strategies and tools that you can use to prevent employee isolation.

Reasons Why Team Building is Important in an Organization [2022]

Team Building is Important

Team building is essential in any organization. It helps to create a team environment where employees feel comfortable working together and are able to accomplish tasks more efficiently. When team members are able to trust and rely on each other, the team can achieve great things.

Team Building is Important
Team Building is Important

In this blog post, we will explore the reasons why team building is so important in an organization. We will also discuss the benefits that team building can bring to your business.

1. Know each other better

Socializing and forming relationships at work is one of the most efficient ways to boost productivity in the virtual, hybrid, or physical workplace. Not only will it improve morale in the office; but it will also aid your team's transition to a virtual work environment more successfully, resolving problems that arise with the "new normal."

It's also possible to have a team-building event that is both quick and efficient. It all depends on the type of team-building activity you want to hold, whether it's short and sweet or more involved! Try one of our virtual team-building activities!

2.  Collaboration that leads to Creativity

People tend to have a wider view of the world when they are among individuals with whom they are acquainted. Team building events not only bring people closer together but also lead to a more successful and innovative workplace.

Creativity - Team Building is Important
Creativity - Team Building is Important

Remember that everyday cooperation at the office is critical for a company's success.

3. Deeper understanding of company culture

Company culture may be defined as the principles, norms, objectives, and attitudes that exist in a company. Simply said, it determines the atmosphere in which you operate and reflects the organization's personality.

As a matter of fact, a company's culture is highly valued by job seekers. According to 46% of those who were considering a career but had not applied to it, but did eventually decide against it because they didn't feel it would be a good fit with their values.

Team building activities that are held on a regular basis can help your company's culture and provide a platform to discover what your workers want and need. Finding a balance between management and employee cultures is crucial in establishing a more encouraging atmosphere.

Team building exercises assist to minimize toxicity and get everyone on the same page while working together. The advantages will undoubtedly follow you back to the workplace. Try one of our creative workshops!

4. Create connections across departments

When it comes to strengthening a team, the connections between employees in one department aren't the only ones that matter. “Team” does not have to be restricted to the sales or marketing teams. It is a unified gathering of all of your company's operational teams.

Take some time to think about it - how well do you know workers from departments other than your own? If your answer is not good or at all, team building will undoubtedly bring departments closer together to help spark cross-functional cooperation that will benefit your company as a whole.

Try our Poolball activity to boost camaraderie and critical thinking skills of your team.

5. Upgrade productivity

Every business aims to improve employee productivity as one of its major objectives. Don't pass up the opportunity to figure out how you can enhance the 3 P's: processes, policies, and procedures.

Team building is essential to your success. Encourage your employees to learn how to work better together! Team and capacity-building activities also enhance team performance and individual development, contributing to the overall effectiveness of the team.

6. Shows potential leaders

In a more laid-back and creative atmosphere, you may discover that employees have talents that they haven't displayed at work. In the most basic of activities, leaders may spring up who surprise you. Team building sessions on a regular basis can help to build workers' confidence.

You may find that the new employee is a natural at motivating their coworkers and, with the appropriate mentor, training opportunities, and motivation, they might be your company's next rising star.

Show potential leaders - Team Building is Important
Show potential leaders - Team Building is Important

Create a mentor program or leadership development initiative to assist staff in reaching their full potential. After each team-building session, make contact with team leaders and ask them to recommend people for these programs based on people who have distinguished themselves during the events.

7. Employees' appreciation

Team building activities, on the other hand, allow employees to feel recognized for their efforts. Many times, excellent work might get overlooked due to a barrage of other things.

Organizing team-building activities (How Teams Have Fun at FunEmpire [2022]) are a great place to start. By paying attention to these events, you show your team that you care about and value their efforts by giving them something enjoyable to do as a group.

Team Building is Important

Team building is important in any organization. When team members are able to work together effectively, the results can be astounding.

However, team building does not happen overnight. It takes time and effort to create a team that is productive and cohesive.

In this blog post, we have discussed the reasons why team building is so important in an organization, in your team, and in your overall well-being. We have also provided tips for team builders on how to create an effective team.